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Support Services

The Natural Death Centre is a charity which has been at the forefront of the natural burial movement for the last 25 years. The charity established the Association of Natural Burial Grounds, the only organisation in the UK to scrutinise and monitor natural burial ground provisions. 

If you are looking for help, support, advice or guidance planning a funeral, either for yourself or for someone close to you, the Natural Death Centre Charity can assist. 

The Natural Death Centre is passionate about sharing knowledge, dispelling myths, and empowering everyone who wants to have the best experience possible when it comes to making arrangements for a funeral. They firmly believe that knowledge is power, and that by knowing what is possible, you will be able to make informed choices about what is right for you, your family and for the person who has died.

For more information about The Natural Death Centre, visit their website or call the helpline if you would like to speak to somebody who will give you as much time as you need.

'Allowing Time' is a caring and considerate service, offering support and safe technology for care after death in your own home. Antoinette is a retired nurse with over 35 years of experience, both in the Netherlands and in Mid Wales. Following the death of her husband in 2014, Antoinette visited the Netherlands and looked into the experience of undertakers and the technology used. She discovered that it was possible for a loved one to be returned to their home after their death, with the use of safe and reliable technology.

The wish to keep somebody at home after their death or bring them home until the funeral can be a problem. When embalming is not appropriate, such as when a green burial is preferred, ‘Allowing Time’ offers a reliable solution in most circumstances. Using the latest, trusted technology the body can be kept safely in familiar surroundings, allowing you time to say goodbye in your own way.


Contact ‘Allowing Time’ for information or to discuss your wishes.

Antoinette de Kleijn

Tel: 01591 610638   Mobile: 07419377136

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