The Alternative Celebrant


Bernice Benton

Member of the Association of Independent Celebrants

Tel: 01591 610635

Email: thealternativecelebrant@outlook.com


"When it comes to loss and grief there are no rules; there is no ‘normal’ way to feel or react.  There is no ‘normal’ time limit on your grief.  There is no ‘correct’ way to memorialise the deceased.  The way you remember, recognise and/or celebrate the life of a loved one is entirely down to you. As The Alternative Celebrant, my aim is to help you celebrate, commemorate & remember the person you have lost in a way that reflects your memories of them and helps you find a footing on the path leading you onwards. 

Treasured Ceremonies

Helen Williams

Tel: 01994 230446 Mobile: 07986526732

Email: info@treasuredceremonies.co.uk   


"I will travel anywhere in the UK or beyond to ensure you get your perfect celebration.

Some celebrants are “humanist”, but I have no religious agenda. This means that you can include any words or music in your ceremony that will bring you comfort.  I shall follow your lead on this completely, but can make suggestions regarding content whether it’s of a religious nature or not. The aim of the ceremony will be to capture the very essence of the person and tell the story of the life that has been lived, thereby bringing comfort to those who mourn".

Alison O’Grady

Member of Humanists UK 

Tel: 01544 327597   Mobile: 07557 057794

Email: aog60@btinternet.com


"I am trained and accredited by Humanists UK to conduct non religious funerals that truly reflect the life of the deceased, and to help families to say goodbye in the way in which they would like to do so. I also offer a service in advance of death to help families and individuals to think about the kind of send off and ceremony that they would like to plan".

Jenny Bullough

Member of Humanists UK

Tel: 01497 831416   Mobile: 07790463673

Email: jennybullough@hotmail.com


"A humanist funeral allows you to reflect who your loved one really was and what they meant to the people around them.  My approach is that since every person is unique, so every funeral should be too".

Dorothy Quayle

Member of Humanists UK

Tel: 01432 860221

Email: dorothy.quayle@banquo.co.uk

"For me, being a funeral celebrant is much more than conducting the ceremony and the committal.  Bereaved families need unhurried support, care and understanding to help them cope with the initial effects of their loss and to prepare for a fitting and memorable celebration of the life of their loved one".

Victoria Denning

Member of Humanists UK

Tel: 01905 840032   Mobile: 07715 745175 
Email: avictoriadenning@aol.com

Humanist funerals within a 50-mile radius going into the welsh boarder.

"Many people still come to a funeral ceremony expecting it to be sombre, sad and  depressing.  I feel I have helped many realise it can be a joyous occasion with laughter, music, contributions from friends and family but still a respectful and meaningful occasion which helps people move on with their lives afterwards".