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  • Who owns and manages Hay Meadow Burial Ground?
    Hay Meadow Burial Ground is part of Busnant Farm which is owned by us, Richard & Sarah Vale. With the assistance of our 3 children, we help families create a special farewell, look after the burial ground and also take care of your loved ones.
  • How do you prepare the graves?
    We wish we could dig the graves completely by hand but we have attempted this in the past and, unfortunately, it is necessary for us to use a small digger to assist with removing the soil. We (Richard and Sarah) then fill the graves by hand as it is important for us to show total respect to the deceased.
  • Can we choose the location of the grave?
    Yes, graves can be chosen from any part of the meadow, but less so in the woodland and Silver Birch Glade as we are following a tree planting plan.
  • Can we purchase plots in advance?
    Yes, plots can be purchased in advance at today's price. You can purchase them as single, double or family plots. A Right of Burial Certificate will be issued for 30 years. Contact must be made at this time to confirm that the plot is still required, where the Certificate will then be re-issued at no further cost.
  • What kind of coffin can be used?
    Any type of eco-friendly coffin or shroud can be used. Willow and cardboard coffins are a popular choice. All coffins and shrouds need to be sourced from a recommended Funeral Director or directly from Hay Meadow Burial Ground where we source quality coffins and shrouds at a reasonable price. Please contact us for further information about the selection of eco-friendly coffins and caskets which we have available.
  • Can I bury my pets ashes?
    Yes, we are registered to bury pet ashes. However, these can only be accommodated within a specific area due to regulations we have to adhere to. We have created a specific area in the corner of Busnant Wood which we have called Pets Corner.
  • Is the burial ground consecrated?
    The burial ground is not consecrated; we welcome any faith, religion or belief making it suitable for everyone. You are welcome to have a grave blessed by a minister of your choice if you wish.
  • Are there any ongoing charges or expenses?
    None whatsoever. All maintenance is included in the one-off price.
  • Do you have time limits on the duration of the funeral?
    No, we aim to only do one funeral per day as we do not want you to feel rushed.
  • Can we hold a Church or Chapel Service at a different venue?
    Yes, you may choose to have a church or chapel service in a familiar locality or choose one of our local churches or chapels which are very close to the meadow for a religious ceremony. Then continue with the service at the graveside or choose to have the whole service at the grave side. Further information is on our links page.
  • Can we hold a non-religious service at Hay Meadow Burial Ground or a venue beforehand or after the burial?
    Yes, you can have the service of your choice. There are many Celebrants who will create a beautiful service to celebrate the life of your loved one before the funeral or after at a different venue. May be in a hotel, pub, village hall, even the family home or where ever you wish. Or completely hold the ceremony in the meadow. You or the family may feel confident to conduct the service yourselves.
  • We do not feel we can attend the funeral, do we have to?"
    It is not compulsory for you to attend the funeral. We are able to provide a direct funeral service and following your instructions, we can arrange for your wishes to be carried out in your absence.
  • Can we bring our dog when we visit the burial ground?
    Yes, as dog owners ourselves, we know they are often much loved members of the family. However, we do ask that dogs are kept on a lead at all times.
  • Is there plenty of parking?
    Hay Meadow Burials has its own large parking area and further parking areas are available close by if needed. The gated entrance to the site will easily accommodate a hearse. There is a space exclusively for hearse parking. If you let us know beforehand, we’ll do our best to reserve spaces for anyone who is disabled.
  • Can we bring flowers when we visit?
    Of course, but we kindly ask that no artificial flowers are left on graves. All wrappings must be removed. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.
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