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Our New Additonal Service
Our Additional Services - Natural Funeral Directors

"Where funerals don't cost the earth and a special farewell can be created"


Soon after we opened in January 2017, we found that families were leaning away from the idea of a traditional funeral norms of wearing black suits and often choosing simple transport, rather than large traditional cars. There have been many occasions when we have taken charge on the day and families have asked us why we can’t be the Funeral Director for their loved ones. We are very proud to announce that we have branched out to be “Green Funeral Directors”. We will not be transporting loved ones in an expensive black hearse, with ourselves dressing in earthy colours to get away from the Victorian idea of how a funeral should be - “where our funerals don’t cost the earth”. We feel very honoured that families already had faith in us to instruct their chosen Funeral Director to simply transport their loved one to Hay Meadow Burial Ground, for us to then take over and support them on the day, laying their loved one to rest. So, we are now able to offer the full service where families are supported in organising a complete natural funeral taking away the stress of dealing with multiple organisations. 


Our aim is to make funerals family-led; families will have what they want, not what they are expected to have. We will aim to encourage families to create their own order of service and to pick fresh flowers from their own gardens or from their loved one’s garden so they can decorate the coffin and our wooden bier themselves which will carry their loved ones to their final resting place. The coffin remains on the wooden bier throughout the service where family members can help push the wheeled bier to the graveside; this avoids carrying a coffin on shoulders or using a metal trolley that isn’t at all fitting for a natural burial ground. 






We also always encourage family members and close friends to be bearers which is very easy to do as we have a beautiful wooden bier. If anyone is struggling emotionally and their wish is to still be a bearer, we will offer to support them, holding their hands helping them feel comfortable with this special last thing to do. With loved one’s ashes the burial is far from a basic hole as we decorate the area with greenery and flowers from our own garden.


Our promise is that nothing will ever be rushed, especially on the day of any funeral. We do not want you to ever feel that you are on a conveyor belt. Nothing is ever formal with us, as we are very down to earth people who will give you our time with ease. We will help you in every way that we can so you can create a special celebration of life as a family that will help you all travel the road of grief. Those who do not have any family need not to worry as we are able to provide guidance. 







Our intention is to only offer funeral directing services in connection with services taking place at Hay Meadow Burial Ground, where loved ones are laid to rest. We also only offer unattended services (Direct cremation) at Hereford and Aberystwyth Crematorium. Yet, we are sure some may well get us to tweak our intentions! However, all families are offered the full use of Hay Meadow’s facilities including a ‘Celebration of life’ before or after all cremations when purchasing an ashes burial plot, at no additional cost. This takes away that awful feeling that you are on a conveyor belt that a cremation service can sometimes give you; our promise is that we will always never rush you.


We have a rustic barn that looks out up into the hills where special farewells can be created that shelters from any Welsh rain! Also, toilet facilities and a good size, easy access car park. Many families love to take pictures of the occasion, especially with the wooden bier and the surrounding hills which are a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) being home to a vast array of wildlife, heather and native fruits such as winberries and crowberries.   




While in our care we will leave your loved one resting naturally, giving them total respect as we will never do anything to them that they would not have liked done when they were alive…..looking upon them as our guest. We offer a family room for final goodbyes; a peaceful and private room where time can be spent saying your goodbyes. The room has been decorated to provide a homely country feel about it and is filled with items that have supported local charity shops. You will be free to spend time with your loved one as you wish. We will allow you to spend time alone, never making you feel rushed. If you have concerns, we will always be close to offer support and guidance.  


It is so important to feel at ease when your faced with making funeral arrangements that many often find themselves faced with for the very first time. We will listen to you and help to support you, guiding you to what you feel is the most fitting funeral to have. You may simple prefer just a small gathering at the graveside with no formal service or even a direct burial. Most families wish to have a ceremony, and some will completely organise it themselves, but most need some help with someone who is familiar with taking a ceremony. You may wish to have a religious service requiring a Minister or a Celebrant who will write a fitting, more personal ceremony on your behalf and if you wish will include religion or have a Humanist or even Pagon Celebrant. We have a list of recommended Ministers and Celebrants who have created beautiful ceremonies. Celebrants especially have very different styles so we will try to match you with the one that we believe is most suitable. 


Music always forms an important part, so we encourage you to choose whatever is appropriate. Most families easily play music from their mobile phone, but we’ve had family members singing or playing instruments and even bagpipes that luckily being in a remote spot we had no neighbours complaining! Yet it’s the simplest things that can be created at funerals that don’t cost silly amounts of money, that will leave you with an uplifting experience filled with lasting memories’ knowing that you created a special farewell for your loved one. 


Feel welcome to contact us as we will support you in every way that we can as usually most things are possible – please just ask us. 

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