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Memorial Options

Hay Meadow Burial Ground is to remain a traditional hay meadow, giving great care and consideration to the wildlife that share it. Busnant Wood is also being created adjacent to the meadow, where further wildlife will be able to roam freely.


We feel strongly that all memorials need to be in keeping with the surroundings, not causing any harm to the wildlife, but most importantly, helping them flourish.


Memorials are strictly controlled and are only to be obtained from us.


Below are the memorials which we currently have available, with other ideas still being considered!

An Oak Plaque with Inscription

An oak plaque inscribed with names and dates can be placed on graves, flush with the ground. We place the plaque on a bed of local gravel to help it last longer, but it will naturally return to the earth in time; it is not intended for the plaque to be a permanent memorial. The plaque will be able to be placed six months after burial – sooner for ashes interments.


Hand Written Welsh Slate Hearts

Welsh Slate Hearts can be purchased and displayed in the shelter which is available for funeral gatherings. The shelter is behind the car park, central to the meadow and Busnant Wood which is being created, providing easy access for those with mobility difficulties.


Hearts are handwritten with names, dates and have the option of a few simple words. Upon request, hearts can be placed side by side for couples.

Wooden Benches


A limited number of handmade benches have been placed throughout the burial ground as it is important for us to preserve the natural setting as much as possible. A memorial plaque can be purchased and placed on a chosen bench.

meadow from bench.jpg
Memorial Plaque

Hand Written Welsh Slate Memorial Plaques


These are mounted on an oak marker and they are available to be placed by graves which are in the Silver Birch Glade where each grave has it's own Silver Birch tree. 

Bird and Bat Boxes 

We wish to help the birds and bats by establishing a good breeding habitat in the woodland that we are creating. At present, we only have space for a limited about of boxes, but as the planted trees start to establish and the new woodland matures, we will have increased availability.


variety of bird boxes will be available with different entrance sizes to suit the many birds which tend to nest around the burial ground.


Adopt a Memorial Tree

Trees have been planted in and around the burial ground where a Welsh Slate Memorial Plaque may be purchased and positioned beside an adopted tree.

Help the bees and sponsor a Beehive

Bees are finding it hard to survive and they are vital part of our ecosystem. Therefore, in memory of your loved one who may well have kept bees, loved gardening or simply been a lover of pure honey, let their memory thrive and sponsor our bees. You may wish to make a donation of £100 which includes a memorial plaque, placed on a working hive. 

We spoil our bees as they have their own apiary in the adjoining orchard, a prime spot next to the meadow where they are working hard to establish the wild flowers and produce delicious honey for all of us to enjoy!

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