Terms and Conditions

The following regulations are made to enable us to shape and preserve a natural area for the benefit of nature and for future generations of visitors. They are essential to combine respect for the dead with a suitable management and planting programme to create an area that is peaceful, pleasant and ecologically rich; a fitting memorial to those buried here.

We ask sincerely that all visitors treat the burial ground with care and respect so that it is a place for quiet, personal reflection.

These regulations apply to the cemetery known as Hay Meadow Burial Ground.


General Care and Behaviour

  • No seed may be scattered on the burial ground unless approved by the proprietors. Many seeds sold commercially, such as wildflower or woodland mixtures, have inappropriate species or hybrids within them, or come from abroad.

  • The picking of flowers or the unauthorised planting of any flowers, shrubs or bulbs is prohibited. As this could prevent the regeneration of a natural landscape also could be detrimental to our bees, sheep and all the creatures that share it.  All unauthorised planting will be removed.  The construction or maintenance of flowerbeds is also not permitted, and no soil, peat or compost may be imported to the burial ground.

  • Only loose cut natural flowers should be placed on the graves and will be removed approximately a week later depending on weather conditions. No plastic packaging should be left and bunches of flowers may not be tied to trees or guards. No decorative items are to be hung from trees and will be removed. All other items left will be removed.

  • No naturally germinated seedlings apart from bramble, thistle, nettle, docks, and ragwort may be removed from plots. Visitors should take appropriate measures to prevent injury or poisoning from plants.

  • During the Christmas period, we ask that any wreathes and/or decorative items are made from only biodegradable materials. All wreaths will be removed by 5th January each year.  

  • All visitors shall behave in a law abiding and appropriate manner.

  • All vehicles must be parked in the car park but are left at the owner’s risk and strictly have no access to the burial grounds.

  • Visitors should keep to the mown pathways from early spring onward, until the hay crop has been taken.

  • Mobile phones should be turned to silent. No amplified music should be played except during funeral services.

  • Children must be supervised at all times. There are water features on the site which are deep and have slippery edges.

  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. This is particularly necessary as we are a working farm with sheep and poultry.  Please ensure you have the necessary bags with you in case you have to clear up after your dog.

  • Litter bins are not provided as we expect visitors to take their litter home. This particularly includes any flower wrappings.

  • No grazing animals are allowed unless introduced by the proprietors for conservation purposes.

  • No shooting or hunting is permitted.

  • The burial ground is to be kept as a working hay meadow, with the creation of Busnant Wood. Therefore the erection of any monuments, markers, crosses, kerbs, fence, or railing will not be permitted. This was a condition when gaining our planning permission.

  • The placing of bird-boxes or seating will only be permitted after consultation with the proprietors and according to availability.

  • Vases sunk into the soil can drown small animals and will be removed.


Terms and Conditions Regarding The Funerals


  • Bodies intended for burial here should not be embalmed. Embalming, sometimes called hygienic treatment, involves the injection of toxic chemicals which might leach into the surrounding soil. The process is not required by law or indeed necessary, as all good funeral directors will possess refrigeration facilities.

  • All coffins and their linings should be made from natural, biodegradable materials. These items are now readily available, and all good funeral directors can easily source them.

  • The proprietors will carry out the grave digging and filling.

  • No grave goods should be buried that might release toxins into the soil or be otherwise ecologically detrimental:  examples are batteries, electronic devices containing mercury and pieces of plastic.

  • All burials do not confer any ownership of any ground or any other rights.

  • The exact location of each plot is at the proprietor’s discretion.

  • Once interred, no remains shall be removed without a licence from the Secretary of State under section 25 or the Burial Act 1857.

  • The proprietors reserve the right to amend or add to these conditions.

Cancellation and Refunds

  • If you wish to cancel your Exclusive Right of Burial, you must give us written notice within 28 days of the purchase date and where a Certificate has been issued, you must return the Right of Burial Certificate to us. Upon receiving the Certificate, if applicable, a refund will be issued, less an Administration Fee of £200 per plot. Refunds requested after 28 days of the purchase date may be made in exceptional circumstances at the sole discretion of the owners of Hay Meadow Burial Ground.

  • Following your death, your Representative cannot cancel the Exclusive Right of Burial. It is therefore important that you inform your relative/representatives of your wishes. 

  • Exclusive Rights of Burial to specific plots cannot be sold or transferred. 


Hay Meadow Burial Ground is to remain a traditional hay meadow, with the addition of Busnant Wood, giving great care and consideration to the wildlife that share it.


If you are unsure about anything, please feel free to contact us.