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Burial Costs
Burial Costs

Our Wooden Bier and Barn

We offer the use of our wooden bier and barn to every funeral, at no additional cost. We actively encourage families to use the wooden bier, and participate in carrying their loved one to their final resting place. 

Wales is, of course, known for its rainy days and therefore the barn can be used for funeral gatherings during poor weather. In May 2019, the barn became an addition to Hay Meadow Burial Ground, having been constructed and designed by us. The barn overlooks the Meadow and Busnant Wood, a native woodland which we are creating and also display the Welsh Slate Heart memorials inside. 


Hay Meadow Burial 

from £750

Upper Meadow & Oak Crest

The top of the meadow with the views across towards the hills and close to the car park for any relatives who may struggle with walking. 

Middle Meadow 

Surrounded by nature, views across the hills and nestled within the hay and wildflowers. 

Woodland Burial

 from £850*

Owl's Oak 

The start of Busnant Wood, where an owl box is high up in an old oak tree.

Middle Oak 

Higher up Busnant Wood, where there is a mature oak tree.

Woods Eaves

The upper part of Busnant Wood, close to the barn where you have prime view of the valley

Silver Birch Glade


 The corner of the Hay Meadow which includes the planting of a young Silver Birch Tree.

*There is no additional charge for the planting of native trees

Grave Preparation, Completion & Administration Fee


(payable at the time of need)

*Please note we reserve the right to increase the grave costs for extra-large graves.*

Interment of Ashes

Hay Meadow & Woodland


Interment of ashes - from £400

Preparation & Administration Fee - £95

Interment of ashes* with a body burial, per set - £75

*All ashes burials are officially recorded in our Burial Register book.

Meadow's Edge

Close to the entrance and the picnic table, where you can sit and look up at the hills

Middle Meadow

Central spot, close to a path which runs through the middle of the hay meadow

Silver Birch Glade

In the glade surrounded by Silver Birch trees towards the corner of the meadow. Alternatively, under a Silver Birch tree which can be adopted as a memorial. 

Owl's Oak

In the far corner, the start of Busnant Wood, close to an old Oak tree where an owl box has been placed.

Woods Eaves

The top part of Busnant Wood close to the barn where you will have a prime view of the valley that surrounds you. Ashes plots are available either with a dedicated memorial tree or at the top of Busnant Wood surrounded by mixed native trees.

A dedicated tree can become a family tree where further ashes of loved ones can be laid to rest side by side.

*Please note ashes can only be buried in biodegradable caskets or scattered directly into the prepared grave*


*Plots can be reserved (including family plots) for a fee of £200 per plot and the reservation fee will be deducted from the final bill at time of need*


We do not charge an Attendance Fee to attend a funeral as we feel it is important that we attend to ensure we are on hand to support families.


There is also no additional burial registrations fees or additional charges for weekend funerals.

Direct Burials

Direct/ Non-Attendance Burials

For those who wish for simplicity, we also offer direct burials where you can simply be brought to Hay Meadow Burial Ground and buried without a funeral gathering.   

Burial plot - £995* per plot

*preparation and administration fee included

*Please note we reserve the right to increase the grave costs for extra-large graves.*

Right of Burial

When reserving a ‘Right of Burial’ on your chosen spot, it is secured; whether you occupy it immediately or in 10, 20 or 60 years time. The purchase of a reserved Right of Burial is for the right to be buried in the plot only and does not confer ownership of the ground or any other rights. If you choose to reserve a spot, you will be given a Reservation Certificate which provides details of the chosen spot.


The grave preparation and administration fees may rise over time and are payable when a burial takes place. However, should your plot remain unoccupied within 30 years from date of reservation, your spot will expire unless you contact us and re-sign – at no extra cost, to confirm that you still wish to be buried with us. Of course, if you move home you will also need to notify us so we can do our best to try and contact you.  


*Please note a Right of Burial is not transferable*


Plots can only be reserved directly from Hay Meadow Burial Ground.


We appreciate that sometimes situations can change. Refunds will be issued on request, based on the original purchase price and subject to an Administration Fee of £200.00 per plot. 

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Full details of our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy can be found here. 

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