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Biodegradable Coffins and Shrouds

Only coffins which are environmentally friendly are acceptable for green burials. Many different types of coffins are available, willow, cardboard, bamboo and wood from sustainable resources, like solid pine. They can be painted or printed with a design or a simple shroud, is another green choice. Suitable coffins can be supplied by us or made to order.

Brown coffin-small.jpg


Contrary to popular belief, in the UK, it is not a legal requirement for a coffin or casket to be used when interring a body. Instead, a shroud can be used. Shrouds are beginning to grow in popularity by environmentally conscious people looking to minimise their carbon footprint. Burial shrouds are also versatile options for the creative or eco-minded looking to think outside the box, allowing for more personalisation. 

Shrouds can be purchased at an affordable cost directly from us, complete with wrap around ties, instructions and a board. The shroud can be placed on the wooden bier, so loved ones can be carried to the grave just like any normal coffin.

Shrouds can enhance the shape of a body which may be distressing for some to see, especially children. This can be easily disguised by a blanket, a flag or printed cloth which needs to be biodegradable if buried. 

You may have a special cover that you would like to decorate or simply arrange some flowers, possibly from the loved one’s garden.

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